Travel Media Showcase 2018 | Niagara Falls USA | September 11-14, 2018

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The TMS Brand is happy to welcome new family members...

Travel Media Showcase is an annual tourism conference hosted by Convention & Visitors Bureaus throughout the United States since 2000. The goal of TMS is to promote destinations and attractions through the journalists’ network of outlets. TMS offers a unique opportunity for travel industry professionals to meet with a broad spectrum of travel journalists at a single location. The showcase is a three-day program consisting of 30 scheduled one-on-one appointments between journalists & exhibitors in a speed dating format. It also includes regional press tours and numerous networking opportunities. Millions of positive media impressions as well as thousands and thousands of articles have been written about the host destinations as well as our exhibitor destinations.

Over the many years of producing travel and tourism events, we have had the honor to feature some of the most talented travel journalists and bloggers. Thousands of stories have appeared in magazines and newspapers and countless blogs have been posted. On our TMS Mamas & Papas site we share with you a sample of the extraordinary stories and blogs that have been generated over the years from these amazing writers. If you have attended a TMS event and would like to be featured as a TMS Mama & Papa, please forward your article/blog link and headshot to

In 2012 Travel Media Showcase partnered with Kyle McCarthy (Editor of Family Travel Forum and author of 14 travel guides) and Eileen Ogintz (Editor of Taking the Kids and syndicated columnist & author) to bring you TMS Family Travel. TMS Family Travel produces Summits & Conferences that provide you with the latest in family travel trends, techniques, and technology.


Over the 22 years we've seen the travel & tourism industry evolve into a billion-dollar industry. Brands are searching for new ways to reach this audience. Advancements in technology, social media platforms & social listening tools have made the largest impact. In 2016, JVA opened its newest division in New Orleans - HUB - an integrated agency that closely ties together, Public Relations, Content, Digital and Creative services that push the boundaries beyond what you might expect. Our ambitious team embraces this new technology that allows us to formulate innovative communication strategies that help our clients experience dramatic results.

HUB is a team of experts with deep experience in our respective fields. Every client is provided a HUB of integrated experts that range from strategic thinkers to expert journalists and account managers to creative gurus. We grow your HUB network from the ground up, so you never have to question the experience of creative thinkers who will be working hard for your brand and each HUB includes members of our senior management team.

We create integrated marketing campaigns through our network of authentic, grass-roots & social media influencers. Now combining our conferences with these integrated programs, brands have a new way to communicate their authentic message through these trusted voices.

For more information on the TMS Brand, please call our office at 732-866-1986.

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