TMS First Date with Lori Sirmen

Lori Sirmen is the Communications Director for the Irving Convention & Visitors Bureau.


If you were required to change your name today, what would you change it to?

You know how some celebrities, Cher or Pink for example, are known by one name? I’d be LOLLY. It’s my nickname given by a British friend who said I always made him LOL. It stuck!


Where did you go and what did you do the first time you skipped school?

I didn’t find my inner wild child until after college. I attended an all-girls preparatory school and was considered a “goody-two shoes” in high school. No skipping school for me!


Imagine someone is annoying you on the phone. What do you say to get them off the line?

“Have you met Mr. Click?”

No, really something more along the lines of… “I’m getting in an elevator.”


What type of filter did you apply to your social media profile photo?

No filters, just dozens of takes and an occasional “facetune.”


Describe your most unusual phobia?

Glossophobia, the fear of public speaking. My fear isn’t really about speaking to large groups, but I cringe at the thought of being interviewed on camera for something that will subsequently be seen by thousands of people. This is rather unusual for a PR gal who is considered a “spokesperson” for her brand. I will always go to great lengths to find an executive that is available and willing to grant requested interviews.


What’s the most unique rumor that you’ve heard about yourself?

It was the headline in a weekly entertainment publication:

“Planet Hollywood PR Rep Lori Sirmen had the Big Roll with Jean Claude Van Damme” It was a sushi roll!


If your friends had to compare you to a character from Golden Girls or Steel Magnolias, or a personality from RuPaul’s Drag Race, who would you be and why?

Blanche, of course! I’m ever fun-loving, feisty, outgoing, passionate, and likely to fly by the seat my pants. According the Buzzfeed quiz (that I took to confirm my Golden Girls best personality match)… I’m “classy, sassy, and sensual all at the same time. Like a southern peach, ripe for the picking!”


If a used car salesman were to describe to you what would they say? Sell us yourself in auto terminology.

She’s a classic that gains value with time, but make no mistake about it, she can still keep up with the younger models and supercars. She’s a lot of fun, fast on the freeways and can navigate twists and turns on a dime. Just take good care of her, and she’ll take you where you want to go!


What’s your fondest TMS memory?

There are so many, but I’ve most enjoyed the off-site activities and evening cocktails when there is the opportunity to move the conversation to a deeper level and really get to know the attendees…without a time limit!

And then, of course, there is Joanne. Her larger-than-life personality and sassy opening and closing remarks are sure to make us all laugh. She’s definitely NOT a Glossophobic.

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